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Sara Moncada

M.A., Humanities, Dominican University of California
Location: EP 106

At SF State Since: 

Fall 2023


Sara Moncada (Yaqui/Irish), M.A., is an artist, dancer, filmmaker, author, Native scholar and cultural arts advocate. Her work centers Indigenous knowledge systems, cultural arts, Native religious/spiritual systems, traditional ecological knowledge, and biocultural diversity.

Sara is an adjunct professor of American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University and is CEO of The Cultural Conservancy, a native-led non-profit organization working in Indigenous rights and revitalization across the nation and internationally. Sara received her Master Arts Humanities from Dominican University of California summa cum laude, with an emphasis in religion, ecology, and traditional arts.

Moncada presents nationally/internationally on Native/Indigenous traditional arts and culture, Native Foodways and traditional land practice/ecological systems. She is co-author of the book The Dance of Caring, a book exploring Native American Hoop Dance as a model for wellness, producer of the internationally successful documentary film NURSES If Florence Could See Us Now, and executive producer of The Cultural Conservancy’s new podcast series The Native Seed Pod, a new series that explores and celebrates traditional seeds, Native Foodways and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Sara currently serves on the Board of Directors for Association of Ramaytush Ohlone, the American Indian Cultural District San Francisco, and the Indigenous Partnership Advisory Council of Dominican University. In 2021, she was honored to serve as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Selected Works

Moncada, S., Madril, E. (2019) The Tradition of Recycling Identity in Native Culture: The Re-Traditioning of Tradition. Te Kaharoa: The e-Journal on Indigenous Pacific Issues, Vol 9, No 1. Online.

Moncada, S., Harjo, M. (2018) Grandmother Oak and Her Acorn Teachings. Langscape Magazine, Winter 2018. Vol. 7. Issue 2. Terralingua.  (Link)

Moncada, S. (2018) Cultivating Creation: Exploring Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Native Song. (MA Thesis). Dominican Scholar. Online. (Link)

Madril, E., Moncada, S., Douglas, K. (2016) The Dance of Caring, A Caregivers Guide to Harmony. Wavena, Inc. 

Moncada, S. (2016) The We In Me: Exploring the Interconnection of Indigenous Dance, Identity and Spirituality. (Senior Thesis). Dominican Scholar. Online. (Link)

Teaching Experience

Religion/Spiritual Studies                                           World Religions/ Native American Religion

American Indian Studies/Ethnic Studies                    American Indian Music/Dance

American Indian Studies/Ethnic Studies                    Traditional Ecological Knowledge/Food Justice/Cultural Foodways

American Indian Studies/Ethnic Studies                    Religion/Philosophy/Spirituality

American Indian Studies/Ethnic Studies                    Identity/Contemporary Culture

Cultural Anthropology/Humanities                            Cultural Perspectives/Ethnicity

Dance/Cultural Arts                                                    Powwow/Women’s Native American Powwow Styles / Flamenco / Dance and Spirituality