Community Service Learning

From the Community Organizing Fair, September 10, 2019


Through AIS 694: Community Service Learning, students integrate classroom education with community-based learning. Many of our graduates have gone on to work for community organizations or to found and direct their own.

Students work with an organization approved by the department. Students have the option of enrolling in 1 to 3 unit sections. The total number of service hours required over the semester depends on the units enrolled in: 1 unit = 15 hours; 2 units = 30 hours; 3 units = 45 hours. For the AIS major and minor, students must complete a total of 3 units but they can be taken in any combination. Up to 3 additional units may be taken as an elective.


Approved Organizations


Nazshonnii Almaweri-Brown

American Indian Child Resource Center

The American Indian Child Resource Center is a non-profit social services and educational community-based organization serving American Indian community members from across the greater Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding counties. 

Contact: Mary Trimble Norris, Executive Director

Phone: (510) 208-1870, ext. 305

Address: 522 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610


Catriona Esquibel, April McGill, and Jackie Pierson

California Consortium of Urban Indian Health

CCUIH is the statewide organization serving Urban Indian communities across California. We support health, wellness, and access to culturally centered services and programming by providing advocacy, expertise, and resources.

Contact: April McGill, Director, Community Projects    

Phone: (415)-345-1205                                               


Address: 1016 Lincoln Boulevard, Ste. 111, 94129



Joel Sedona

California Indian Environmental Alliance

The CIEA is a native nonprofit educational, tribal capacity-building and advocacy organization working on cleaning up mining toxins, with specific focus on mercury a neurotoxin that threatens the spiritual, ceremonial and cultural relationship of California Native Peoples by contaminating fish in California’s rivers, lakes, streams and oceans.

Contact: Sherri Norris, Executive Director
Phone: (510) 848-2043

Address: PO Box 2128, Berkeley, Ca. 94702



Circle of Healing HIV and HVC Services/Native American Health Center

The Circle of Healing program is a group open to our whole community. In this group we focus on preventing HIV/AIDS and HCV. We try to provide our services in a caring, supportive, and culturally rich environment. Our goal is to offer services that extend from prevention to treatment. In these groups we provide education, practical support, coordination of services & advocacy.

Contact: Aurora Mamea

Office: (415) 621-4371, Ext. 525


Address: 160 Capp Street, San Francisco



Betty Parent and Sara Moncada Madril

Cultural Conservancy

The Cultural Conservancy is a Native American nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of indigenous cultures and their ancestral lands.

Contact: Melissa Nelson
Office: (415) 338-7062


Address: P.O. Box 29044, Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129-0044


Restoring Justice for Indigenous People

The mission of RJIP is to restore justice for Indigenous peoples in California, using our traditional life ways and culture as well as community organizing and advocacy to restore justice, defend and free our people in our ancestral homelands.

Contact: Morning Star Gali                                          

Office: (916) 996-6580



Segora Te Land Trust

An urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship. Sogorea Te creates opportunities for all people living in Ohlone territory to work together to re-envision the Bay Area community and what it means to live on Ohlone land. Guided by the belief that land is the foundation that can bring us together, Sogorea Te calls on us all to heal from the legacies of colonialism and genocide, to remember different ways of living, and to do the work that our ancestors and future generations are calling us to do.

Contact: Corrina Gould



Address: 2501 Harrison Street, Oakland, 94612



Sovereign Bodies Institute

Sovereign Bodies Institute (SBI) builds on Indigenous traditions of data gathering and knowledge transfer to create, disseminate, and put into action research on gender and sexual violence against Indigenous people. AIS is partnering with UCB’s Native American Student Development Office to provide internships with SBI. The work will involve social media, data entry, and research.

Contact: Click here.

Contact: Annita Lucchesi, Executive Director




Michelle Fitzgeral

SF State NAGPRA Program

San Francisco State University is firmly committed to the repatriation of Native American human remains and cultural items whenever possible and to the respectful curation of cultural materials at all times. The primary goal of the SF State NAGPRA Program is to return ancestral remains and cultural objects to Native American communities.  

Contact: Dr. Michelle Fitzgerald                                  

Phone: 415-338-3075                                                 


Address: Science 115