(Coast Miwok Elder Joanne Campbell and Professor Perea, 2017, photo by Melissa K. Nelson)

American Indian Studies Department Faculty


Joanne Barker, PhD


  • Native Law and Politics
  • Women's/Gender Studies
  • Cultural Studies


Robert Keith Collins, PhD

Associate Professor and Department Chair

  • American Indian History and Cultural Changes
  • American Indian and African Interactions in the Americas
  • Black Indians
  • Ethno-linguistics
  • Person-Centered Ethnography


Andrew Jolivette, PhD


  • Mixed-Race Identity
  • Comparative Race Relations
  • American Indian Cultural Representation
  • Creole Studies
  • Health DIsparities and Sexuality
  • Sociology and the Urban Indian Experience

Melissa K. Nelson, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Native American Ecology/ Environmental Studies
  • California Indian Cultures
  • Oral Literatures and Multimedia
  • Cultural Revitalization
  • Science & Ethics


John-Carlos Perea, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Music and Identity
  • Jim Pepper
  • Urban American Indian Musical Cultures
  • Urban Indigeneity




Amy Cassleman, M.A.


  • California Indians


Phil Klasky, M.A.


  • Native American Ecology/ Environment Studies
  • California Indian Cultures
  • Oral Literature and Multimedia
  • Cultural Revitalization
  • Science & Ethics


Eddie Madril, M.A.


  • Ethnic Studies


Kathy Wallace


  • Basket weaving
  • California Indian Art